Arkham Horror - Game Guide - Chapter 3: Playing the Game

If you’ve made it this far, that must mean, 1) we haven’t scared you off in the previous section, and 2) you’re interested in knowing more.

Well, how about sitting down and learning how this game actually works and plays? This is – in my opinion – of the best ways to gage whether a game truly is right for you, and always a good idea to do, before splashing some hard-earned cash (or not hard-earned, I don’t know your life) on a new game.

In my mind, there are two different ways of learning a new game:

  1. Reading the rule book on your own
  2. Having somebody teach you the game

If you prefer to learn by reading, well… you’re in luck! Hop on over to the publisher's website, read the "Learn to Play" book, and come back to this guide when you’re done. The book can be found right here.

If you prefer to have somebody teach you the game, well… you’re also in luck! Although I would love to sit down and teach you the game in person, that’s unfortunately not really feasible. Thankfully, YouTube is a thing. Yay!

Below are my preferred videos when introducing new players to the game.

The first one is created by community favourite Rodney Smith from the channel Watch It Played. He thoroughly explains everything you need to know to get started with the game. However, one thing Rodney doesn’t cover in his video is an actual gameplay example. Fortunately, publisher Fantasy Flight Games created their own rules-video a few years ago. Although the video was created before the aforementioned repacked products, the rules remain the same, and(!) it includes a short two-round gameplay example whilst explaining the rules to the viewer. As both videos attempt to explain the rules, there will naturally be some overlap, but both are definitely worth watching. The combined runtime of the two videos tally up to about 1 hour however, so now’s a good time to go make yourself a drink, get some snacks, or whatever you might fancy, before diving in. Once you’re all set, go ahead with the two videos, and come on back to this guide once you’re done.


Did you watch the videos yet?



No? Well, I really suggest you do it before reading on.



Oh, you have watched them? Brilliant!

If you’ve decided to jump into this lovely game, I’ll – once again – provide you with a cheeky link to buying the core set right here on our store.

If you’re still undecided, or perhaps just interested in knowing what this game has to offer outside the core set, please read on as we explore what I like to call “the game outside the game” followed by a detailed list of the products available in Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

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